The Lynn Reecer Team specializes in assisting companies, hospitals, and medical practices recruit and attract top talent to the Fort Wayne area. Our brokers/agents know how to sell Fort Wayne as a desirable home town destination.  Our customized, organized, efficient relocation process is very effective. As a team, Reecer Properties will become a partner with companies/health care providers so they are able to focus their time on selling careers to their candidates while our brokers/agents focus on familiarizing candidates with the positive aspects of Fort Wayne. Once candidates accept offers, our brokers/agents will then help them find a great home.

We are confident The Lynn Reecer Team will enhance your recruiting efforts. Please contact us to discuss a potential partnership between your company’s recruiting efforts and Reecer Properties.

Our relocation clients help us best tell our story:

“Working together with Reecer Properties has provided an extra plus to convincing physicians that Fort Wayne is a great place to live and work.” - G.H., relocation client

”I recently relocated to Fort Wayne Indiana and would like to recommend Lynn Reecer of Reecer Properties. As a physician coming from out of state, I appreciated the Reecer’s approach to real estate. Lynn met with me and my husband and after taking time to get to know us took us on a tour of Fort Wayne tailored to our needs and interests. Lynn was very professional and knowledgeable about the unique position physicians, especially those fresh out of residency or fellowship may be in financially. To that end, they respected our house hunting goals and did not pressure us to buy more than we could afford and also were willing to work around my hours. Lynn’s husband is also a physician, so I felt she was uniquely capable of relating to me and my husband. I actually interacted with two other realtors prior to meeting with Lynn. I was really disappointed with the agents that my group put me in contact with. I felt they did not listen to my wants, were incapable of communicating with me and that they continually urged me to look at houses that neither met my needs nor budget. In short, they did not appreciate my interests. I asked my group to please refer potential partners to Lynn in the future. I similarly respectfully suggest you consider recommending Reecer Properties to potential physician recruits. These agents know Fort Wayne and effortlessly sell this town. Between tours highlighting this town’s great features and neighborhoods and their expert approach to real estate I am confident they can help recruit top notch talent.” - Janet and Nicholas Schafer

"Finding a familiar house in an unfamiliar place is no easy task. Anyone can taxi anyone around and check off a bunch of places visited on a big list. But that's not what I needed. I needed someone that could make the unknown feel friendlier. The distant feel closer. The apprehensive feel less worrisome. I needed someone who could deal with my preconceptions, get a good feel for what I was looking for, and translate that into a match between myself and my new dwelling. And to be honest, I'm not sure there's a better first date to Fort Wayne than Lynn Reecer. More than anything, she listened, and she listened first. Other realtors traipsed me around town like I was on a timed tour. I'd taken my shoes off and visited at least four places before we even scratched the surface on the important stuff; like, you know, what I'm *really* looking for. Lynn, on the other hand, bought me a cup of coffee and asked relevant questions. She knows Fort Wayne like the back of her hand, but she contoured that knowledge around what was important to me before we saw a single place. It's a difference in philosophy that made all the difference in where I'm living today. Like the familiar saying, "seek first to understand," Lynn and Reecer Properties did just that. And the results speak for themselves. I love my new home!" - D.S., Sweetwater Sound, Inc.

"Having never been to Fort Wayne, Lynn gave us a tour of the city and made us aware of the best Fort Wayne has to offer. She demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the community and that made us very comfortable with our decision to move to Fort Wayne. Most of all, Lynn went out of her way to make us feel welcome. We could not have asked for more from an agent! We lived in Chicago and love it. We had four more offers in Chicago but we decided to opt for the job offer in Fort Wayne. We're excited!"  - D.A., partner of relocation client