Portfolio Insights, August 2019 – Special Labor Day Edition

Lynn Reecer - September 26, 2019

You’ll note this Portfolio Insights is coming to your inbox a bit sooner than the last, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share with you some insights in the lake market as the last summer holiday weekend approaches.

In the heat of the summer, many people spend time at their lake homes or as guests at friend’s and family’s lake retreats. I’m sure it’s no surprise that the sale and purchase of waterfront homes pick up spring through mid- summer. What may be a bit of a surprise is the following trend we see in the next 60 days. For example, in reviewing the sales on Lake Wawasee since 2016, September remains a chart topper in lakefront properties placed under contract and October remains a top month for closings – third to July and August. (I am so surprised! I thought it was May!)

What does this mean for you? Call me! We’ll find out. If you are considering the sale of your lake home, consider that many of the people who enjoyed time on the water this summer may not own a home there, and the fun they had there is fresh in their minds. Or, if you’ll miss time on the water this weekend, don’t let it happen again! We’ll help you find the perfect spot to enjoy the summer weather next year and maybe share our secret – the lake is just as beautiful in autumn and winter, and for some it is their primary residence. Further, many of those already with waterfront homes use this time of year to “right-size” their retreat.

If you’re looking for your first, or next, lake retreat, we have several homes open this weekend. Stop in and see us!

All my best,

Lynn Reecer

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