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Lynn Reecer - April 14, 2023
I have just read a book I want to share with everyone I know and don't know. It's called Being Mortal by Dr. Atul Gawande. It is probably the most practical, applicable book you could read to help anyone in your life or yourself in planning for the inevitable end of life since we are all indeed mortal.
I recently invited Jane Francis, RN/Executive Director/of Senior 1 Care, to speak to the Women Business Leader's Council of Greater Fort Wayne, which I am leading this year as President. She gave an excellent talk about living into old age when our bodies and memories usually give us issues, and we have to look for ways to adapt to continue living the best lives we possibly can on our terms. She recommended that everyone read this book, just as many reviews also state. The perpetual planner that I am, I was so glad to have gained all this invaluable insight from Dr. Gawande's interviews of some 200 people and their caregivers as they struggled to lose some of their independence due to health issues. Some interviewees were geriatric and terminally ill patients of various ages that he cared for as their general surgeon. He writes that most people do not want to even think about this possibility, let alone talk about it. But in avoiding this discussion and making their wishes known ahead of time, they risk the loss of being the "authors of their own lives" to the very end, which almost everyone wants.
One of my favorite niches of my real estate practice has been seniors. In 2018, I took a course to be designated a Seniors Real Estate Specialist. It remains my favorite continuing education course I have taken in 12 years. I often handle the real estate sale when someone moves out to assisted living or passes away, which also involves the massive project of downsizing and/or disbursement of household belongings. But this book is about helping aging, declining seniors or the terminally ill stay in their own homes as long as possible, even with assistance or when that is not possible, to live in an assisted living center with their own private apartment. "with a front door that locks," vs. being forced to downsize all the way to one bedroom shared with an unknown roommate. I hope you will read the book and refer it to others. Please text me and let me know your thoughts if you read it. One review states, "This should be mandatory reading for every American." If I can advise you or your loved ones through this transition, I have a crew of experts ready to help, including Jane Francis and Senior 1 Care.

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