Portfolio Insights, December 2019

Lynn Reecer - December 16, 2019

Hello and happy holidays all!

There has been a popular trend that started in the late 90's to 2000s of builders building family homes with the master on the first floor with all the children's rooms up on the second floor or in some floor plans, a ranch on a basement, all kids' rooms on the lower level.   

So, hows that going? Let's take these family homes that we have listed now to see what their previous residents think about this:  

3027 Covington Lake Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46804

My husband and I built this home in 1994 with the master tucked privately in the corner of the second floor with four other bedrooms on the same floor down the hallway. As we raised our three children from birth to out of the nest here, I think back to all the times they got up in the middle of the night sick or scared of a thunderstorm and came to our room or we needed to go to their rooms. Getting up is bad enough when you're half asleep as a child or an adult, but having to navigate a flight of stairs too can be pretty daunting and dangerous.  I have had clients tell me of their young ones falling down the stairs on a nighttime venture downstairs. 

"As a parent of three children between 8-17, I prefer the master upstairs so we know what's going on with each child at night. Also when your master is on the first floor, you hear all the noise from the family room, front door and kitchen. I've had homes with the master up and down and definitely prefer the master upstairs for both privacy and quiet and to be closer to our children during the night." – Heidi Anderson, homeowner

1835 Forest Park Boulevard, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

The current family here raised four girls in this fabulous historical family home.  One of the daughters now has four young ones herself with her husband and they bought a family home with all beds together upstairs on the second floor after growing up in a home with this same floor plan. 

"I just don't want my bedroom within sight on the first floor where all the entertaining goes on, and we do a lot of entertaining. I like the whole first floor set up for that function and the whole second floor dedicated to private quiet sleeping, reading, studying, bathing and dressing space. And I love not having to trudge up and down stairs in the middle of the night when my kids need me numerous times during the year." — Meg Heminger, mother of four

So here are two lovely homes with the master up with the kids rooms, ready to raise its next loving family. And don't worry about getting your home sold to move to this one. We can take care of that easily and these owners will entertain a contingent offer. 

Thank you all for your business this year and previous years back. Please contact me anytime you need real estate advice from updating and remodeling to moving a parent to assisted living and anything else. The winter months are a great time for us to help in these ways. We are here as your real estate advisors for the duration. My staff, team and I will be honored to receive your referrals and will go above and beyond to make you look good for sending your friends and family to us.

All my best,

Lynn Reecer

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