The NE Indiana Post-Quarantine Market

Lynn Reecer - June 19, 2020
As my next door neighbor has been witnessing how busy I have been since what I have been referring to as the biggest rest of my lifetime during the April quarantine, she made a statement to me that gave me the idea for this month’s Portfolio. Amy said, “I think most people believe the real estate market is bad due to the Covid ordeal, but it seems like you are selling things nearly every day.”
Yes, the terrible first half of this year for our country has not hurt our real estate market in NE Indiana, but on the contrary; it’s on fire. I don’t think any of us saw this coming, did we?
For example one set of buyers told me, “I need a change of scenery!” So they came up to Wawasee and bought a lake home (after losing out on another lake property in an auction). When they found the home on Lake Wawasee they wanted with us, it also became competitive with another buyer. But this time they had our team on their side so we succeeded in securing a contract on this lake home by using very creative and unique negotiating tactics. We have been winning bidding wars for our buyers and getting top dollar for our sellers with our “secret sauce”. This is why our repeat clients often say to us, “Now work your magic!”
To the potential sellers out there, please contact me if you would like to try to sell now
while the
market is hot, inventory and interest rates are at an all-time low;
and we can maximize your return. Concerned about where you will go if we sell your property quickly? We have a strategy for that too, so no need to worry!
And to the frustrated buyers out there, you won’t be disappointed any longer if you hire us as your buyer’s broker to dig up exactly what you are looking for but cannot seem to find fast enough. Just call me for a consultation on the phone or in person to see how this works!
Happy Summer!

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