Becoming Mobile Grandparents

Lynn Reecer - March 15, 2023
Well, it's happened again. My lifestyle has taken a significant turn this past week, and I have to be more mobile than ever regarding distance. I became a grandmother for the first time on March 1st! My son Danny and his wife Clara are photographed here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with their new baby boy, Marco Antonio. My husband and I could not be there for the birth, but we will meet him at the end of this month, and we cannot wait, needless to say. People always ask me how on earth our son ended up living in Brazil, so I will fill you in on that. Danny and Clara were both working for Eli Lilly, and they met in 2016 at a global conference in Amsterdam. He was trying to see 30 countries by 30, so when Clara invited him to visit Brazil, he took her up on it, and they ended up getting married on May 1st of 2021. He wears my dear late father’s wedding ring, which I love.
We have been planning for this time by simplifying our lifestyle, selling our full-sized lake home last summer, and living in a villa/condo now that we are crazy about in Fort Wayne. We can simply close the door and run to the airport to see our three kids between Sao Paulo, Seattle, and Washington DC.
This generation is mobile and global, so we have to be as well, to keep up with them! But we are enjoying it. When we go to Brazil, we will try to stop and see one more city in South America on the way home since it's such a long flight, so that will be fun and educational too.
I do a lot of consulting with empty nesters helping them to weigh their options of where and how they may want to live as their family expands with new sons and daughters in-law, and grandchildren, and I love it. If I may ever help you, your friends, or your family this way, call me. As I wrote recently, there are many great, fun options today to be more mobile while we can still "go, go, go."
Cheers to grandbabies!

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