"GO-GO" Phase

"GO-GO" Phase

Back in June, I reported in this newsletter that my husband Mark and I decided to sell our lake home on Lake Wawasee since our three grown children live far away in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Seattle, WA, and Washington DC, only able to join us there for the 4th of July week. I am often asked if we miss having a lake house after owning it for 21 years.

Since selling in July, we have traveled to Seattle, WA, Palmetto Bluff, SC, Raleigh-Durham, NC, Louisville, KY, Nashville, TN; and Green Bay, WI. This past week we visited San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Miami, FL, with our son and daughter-in, law-who are expecting our first grandchild in March! We have had the best time experiencing and learning more about all these different cities with lots of family and friends. We have loved our lake weekends these past couple of decades, but now that our kids have relocated all over the world, it has proved best for us to sell our lake house while we are still in the "GO-GO" phase.

In her 50s, a new friend of mine Jane said, "now is the time we have to GO-GO, because before we know it, we will enter the next phase, which is the "SLOW-GO" stage-when traveling is too difficult anymore, and we are better, off sticking close to home (or the lake home). Next, we approach the "NO-GO" phase, when you find yourself needing assisted care. And what's next? The "NO-MO'" stage!

So, for now, we will keep traveling in the "GO-GO" stage, and then we can buy again in the "SLOW-GO" stage.

If you find yourself in this family situation too, call me about exploring the sale of your lake home while it is still a hot sellers' market and get out there in the world and GO GO GO!


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