Jeff Hodgson’s Legacy of Wisdom

Jeff Hodgson’s Legacy of Wisdom

In 2012 I was introduced to Jeff Hodgson by his brother-in-law. The two were working on entrepreneurial pursuits. Jeff was in his early 30s then. I had a business idea that they were willing to investigate. And so it began.

I was 17 years older than Jeff, which by the way, puts me right in the middle of him and his parents, Tom and Jan. But from that day forward, we took a business interest in each other, and a mutually respectful friendship grew from there. We worked together in many ways. I hired him to be my business coach. I advised him and his wife on the purchase of a lot on Lake Wawasee to build their family “forever” home. Later, my husband and I bought the home next door. In 2017 Jeff and I acquired the wonderful, 70-year-old Brookwood Cabinet company. In March of 2020, the four of us spent the Covid quarantine together playing Euchre most every night, because it was so much fun and because his wife Amy became addicted to the game. 

We laughed so much. It is a treasured memory that we are even more grateful for now after Jeff's sudden passing in November of 2020. I lost one of the best friends of my life and favorite people in the world.

I wanted to share some of the wisdom I learned from Jeff during his coaching sessions with me.
“When you’re too busy, you’re stealing from your own creativity.”
“Follow your gut instinct/intuition about people.”
In business endeavors, about taking risks,
“if you are scared and don’t think you should do it, then do it. Since most won’t do it that is the reason you do it.”
And a funny one,
“He’s like a moth in a lampshade. He’s not getting or going anywhere.”
I will also add his favorite book which he highly recommended, The Little Red Book of Wisdom, by Mark DeMoss.
Jeff was a serial entrepreneur owning numerous companies but best known for his partnership and leadership with Gladieux Energy. Despite these commitments, he would still take time out to talk with and advise me on my business endeavors. He gave brilliant advice.
I was so very fortunate to have him as my friend and business partner. My husband, Mark, and I say that our quality of life diminished the day that he left our lives here on earth. So, here’s to Jeff Hodgson, and may there be more people like Jeff who strive to be the best people on earth they possibly can be because we only get one chance at it. And we never know how long we have to leave our own legacy.


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