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Lynn Reecer - October 23, 2020
When you, your friends, or family need to buy or sell just about anywhere, you can still call on my team's expertise and experience at no additional cost.
In the past few months, we have helped NE Indiana clients buy in Charlotte, Omaha, Las Vegas, and Seattle. We are also assisting a past FW client sell their Chicago Michigan Ave. condo now. How can we do this? Through our network of 20,000+ Sotheby's International Realty boutique agents. When we were the local Reecer Properties brokerage, we were not part of a 300 plus year brand name with offices in 70+ countries that I can now access for my clients. I can apply my same principles to real estate sales and negotiations anywhere else and team up with an agent in the other city that knows their market better than I ever could. Two heads always trump one; I believe in this career, which is why I have never done this job solo—always with a team with skills that complement my own. This means that I can help and advise you, your friends, and your family just about anywhere. I recently heard of a past client who made offers on five homes and lost in a bidding war every time. We rarely lose for our buyers with our tried and true strategies for successful offer outcomes. If you know of someone losing out this way too, please call me. We will research and interview potential agents until we find you the best fit for our client. Once a connection is made, we will stay involved until we reach a successful closing.
For more information on how we can best help you locally or across the global network, contact me today!

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Our integrated team model simplifies a complex, unique, and oftentimes emotional transaction process. Long-term relationships, critical thinking, and industry best practices are our passions and ways we ensure what’s best for the client.