Northeast Indiana’s Evolving Real Estate Needs

Lynn Reecer - September 3, 2021
Back in 2010 when I decided to start a real estate company, Reecer Properties, I also began helping companies recruit out-of-town job candidates to fill local jobs. Why? Because I did not have a real estate license yet, for one thing! Then I thought they might need to buy a home. When my husband was recruited to fill a job in Fort Wayne 25+ years ago, my young kids and I were left out of the whole process. It was hard for me to relocate with two toddlers and no one to guide me. In my role, I am careful to consider and coordinate with the entire family, not just the candidate in bringing them to our city. This helps us to better identify each candidate's needs and wants in their new city. New job recruits always need housing and most often they want to rent, out of the gate. Like we did. And a rental home is very hard to find in Fort Wayne.
More recently. I have recently launched NE Indiana Talent Attraction, Inc.
The company is dedicated to helping area employers get their top recruit candidates to say “YES” to their offers by giving them customized recruiting and relocation experiences. I have been providing this service for about 10 years but recently created a separate entity to help better serve these clients. And what our clients say is this: “it just works.” We usually help our clients get their first or second choice in recruits saving them much time, energy and money by decreasing the time to fill openings and getting the best and brightest to join their organizations. My team and I have contacts to assist in filling day-to-day salaried staff roles to high-end C-suite executive positions.
What this brings me to is this: We are having a really hard time finding rental housing for these new job recruits. I have three savvy investors now having my team and I help them buy homes or condos to lease. Then we help them fill them IF they don’t already have a tenant before we do! They are rented almost immediately. If would like to buy some investment homes, please call me. I can fill you in more on the needs of this rental market for professionals when we chat. It is a great opportunity!

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