Real Estate brings people together, sometimes for generations.

Lynn Reecer - March 15, 2021
My parents met Bill and Laura in 1980 in Bloomington when they bought a vacation condo at “The Point” in Bloomington, (for about $39,000!) They made a group of lifelong friends playing tennis and partying there together on weekends for about 20 years. There was even the marriage of my cousin that came out of this close group’s families. When they hit retirement age, they sold these condos and bought together in a community called Worthington CC in Bonita Springs, FL.
Bill and Laura were 96 and 95 this year and still living independently at Worthington but Bill’s health started to decline rapidly in February. (I had just taken them out with my staff Kelly, Kate, and Maria at our annual Florida retreat in January.) As is common in this stage of life, they struggled with the decision and timing of moving to assisted living nearby in Florida or near their children in Indy or Cincinnati. This is such a hard decision to make anyway but even more difficult with Covid and trying to win the vaccine lottery in Florida. Once they decided to stay in Florida for the time being, Bill wanted their condo sold immediately. So I connected with Ryan, a local Premier Sotheby’s agent that also lived in their community, to assist in listing their home. It was listed on a Friday and had lots of showings. Bill was adamant about getting it sold even as hospice was coming out and he was staying in the back bedroom in privacy. On Tuesday they got a full-price offer, at the number Bill really wanted. My husband, Mark, and I went over to celebrate the accepted offer with them and say Goodbye to Bill as it seemed he was slipping away.
When my husband and I got back to our condo that night, a car slowed down behind our driveway. It was another couple from our generation of “kids” from this group that had just closed that day on a retirement condo next door. After 30 years going by, one generation sold and one bought from the old gang of friends, on the very same day.
After many virtual visits from his children and their families, Bill did pass away peacefully the next morning knowing he did accomplish this last big step for his wife and estate before he departed. It was an honor for me to know this dear man for 40 years who was like an Uncle to me.

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