So, what is Invisible Inventory?

Lynn Reecer - May 28, 2021
I recently listened to a podcast where a guy used this term, “invisible inventory” and I loved it, as it was the perfect way to describe this extremely rare, Catch 22 market we are experiencing. This refers to many of the 72 homes that my team and I have sold this year that we have had to dig up ourselves for our buyers since there is so little visible inventory on the market, online.
I have a long list of potential sellers that would like to capitalize on this amazing seller’s market but they just don’t have anywhere to go…yet. We have to find them something. The only sellers that want to list online, already have a new place to go. One of our sellers in the Cedar Canyon in NW Fort Wayne is going back home to Milwaukee where they are building. We have a new listing this week in Heron Preserve in SW Fort Wayne where they have a temporary place to go to until they find their dream location to build. But other than that, it’s the Chicken and the Egg/Catch 22 dilemma. “We are afraid our house will sell too fast and we won’t have anywhere to go,” is the usual sentiment I hear. But our team knows how to finesse this for our buyers drawing from our vast number of past clients and connections to dig up what they are looking for in their next home. Then they feel safe in getting their home on the visible market and sold quickly at amazing returns. If you see yourself in this invisible inventory category, contact me to set up a consultation and I can address your questions for your situation and show you how we can finesse this process for you too so you can capitalize on this great seller’s market.
One final note: Generally speaking, this is an ideal time to downsize. In a buyer’s market, it is an ideal time to upsize.
I wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your family and friends after this long ordeal we have all been through with Covid. And my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude go out to all our fallen American soldier’s families. It is because of them and their ultimate sacrifices, that my family and I are privileged to continue to live in this great, free country.

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